Semalt Tells What Mistakes You Should Avoid In SMM

Customers in 2017 expect business organizations maintain regular communication with them through the social networks. However, many e-commerce companies overlook the effectiveness of social media promotion and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in attracting and retaining clients.

Jack Miller, the Customer Success manager of Semalt, illustrates three major mistakes that organizations make when conducting social media marketing campaigns.

1. Launching Campaign Without an Effective Strategy

It is important to develop social media goals to improve the online marketing strategy. Social media marketing can have several goals. One goal may be to improve brand awareness among the targeted customers. Another goal of social media marketing may be to use the social networks to offer customer support services. A good social media strategy combines several goals that enhance the interactions of the business with the targeted customers. An effective strategy has a good social network platform.

Businesses that deal with fashion or lifestyle products and services are encouraged to use the Pinterest or Instagram social network platforms. Pinterest has an e-commerce function that enables customers to purchase products or services online. The retailers who provide craft products and do-it-yourself services should use the YouTube and Facebook platforms because of their superior video sharing capabilities. It is important for a business to promote its social network sites.

Mentioning social media in emails is also an effective approach to promoting social media sites to the targeted customers. Another good promotional SEO approach assumes inserting social media links to the business website.

2. Failing to Listen and to Respond

Customers always give comments about the products and services offered by business organizations. It is important for the management of the company to be attentive. There are several tools that can be used to communicate with the customer, for example, Social Mention and Hootsuite. However, they are limited in capabilities. Therefore, the business should be responsive to any posts by the users.

Facebook is a social media platform that enables business to respond effectively to the messages of the targeted clients. Companies experience several challenges when delivering services and products. The social networks enable businesses to inform the customers about the problems or challenges in the business operations process.

3. Retaining from Experiments

It is important to experiment with the operations of the social networks. The business can use innovative ways of engaging with the customers. Live video is a feature that is available on Facebook and Instagram. It improves real-time communication between the company staff and the customers. A company can inform the targeted audience about a new product through the live video feature.

Businesses can also use live-stream for Facebook product promotion campaigns. Live-streaming attracts a huge audience because it is interactive and utilizes proper SEO keywords. The social media users are given the opportunity of asking questions and seeking clarifications. The live-streaming session also enables the business to learn from the customers, especially in the area of enhancing customer satisfaction.

Implementing SEO in your practice can improve social media marketing efforts. SEO experts can use effective keywords in their social media postings. Customers will be attracted to postings that have relevant information about the effectiveness of a product or service.